Project Management

Manage projects on Wavestack


This guide walks you through managing projects on Wavestack.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Create a project
  • Manage roles in a project

Project dashboard

On the dashboard click on the Projects tab to see an overview of all projects in the organisation.

You will see that Wavestack has already created a default project for you.

Create a project

To add a new projects, click on ‘Create New Project’.

After entering a suitable name for your new project, click on the blue Continue button to create it.

Manage roles

Suitable roles will be automatically created for new projects, but it might take a couple of minutes for them to be synced to various systems.

Default roles are listed in the table below.

ga-adminWKEcreate, read, update and delete
os-creatorBarbicancreate, read, update and delete
os-heat_stack_ownerHeatcreate, read, update and delete
os-load-balancer_memberOctaviacreate, read, update and delete
os-memberOpenStack (all)create, read, update and delete
os-readerOpenStack (all)read

You can click on Roles to review them.