Identity and Access Management

Wavestack Identity and Access Management (IAM) implements the ability to manage Users, Projects and their access to each other.

IAM is build using Zitadel and you can find additional information in their documentation.


This guide walks you through creating, managing, and deleting Users, Projects and their Roles.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Create new Users
  • Update Users
  • Delete Users
  • Create new Projects
  • Update Projects
  • Delete Projects
  • Give Users Access Permissions
  • Update Users Access Permissions
  • Revoke Users Access Permissions

Access the dashboard

You can log into the Zitadel dashboard with your Wavestack account.

User Management

Manage Users on Wavestack

Project Management

Manage projects on Wavestack

Role Management

Manage user roles on Wavestack