User Management

Manage Users on Wavestack


This guide walks you through basic user management tasks on Wavestack.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Create a user

User dashboard

Click on the Users tab to get to an overview of all user accounts.

Create a user

Click the blue New button to create a new user.

User details


E-mail address

This is the e-mail address of the user. The user will be sent a registration code to this address, so it is important to provide a valid address.


The username that will be used for the new user.

Note that you could set this to the user’s e-mail address again for sake of simplicity.

Given Name

The forename(s) of the user.

Family Name

The surname of the user.



This will be used as display name if used

Email Verified

This marks the given e-mail address as already verified. If unset the user will be sent a verification code.

Set Initial Password

You can set an initial Password for the user. If unset the user will have to set a password during registration.


The gender of the user.


The preferred language of the user

Phone Number

Phone number of the user. This number can be used for sending text messages.

Finish creation

Click on the blue Create button to create the user.